Monday, November 19, 2007


Haih.. what did I ever do to desrve such a wonderful person....

Thank you my love, my Shaneil.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The blessing or the curse?

Hahaha! It was the 30th of September 2007, Just about a month ago that I was terribly drunk. Here's the atory as Shaneil, Carol and Jacqkie put it.

Denise : (very very drunk) I have a boyfriend. It's wonderful having a boyfriend. (pointing at

Jacqkie) Jacqkie, you should get a boyfriend. (points at Carol) Carol, you should get a boyfriend.

(points at Beh) Beh, you should get a boyfriend.

* 1 week later*

Carol : Oh, did I tell you? I have a boyfriend ady.....

Denise : WHAT???!!! serious?? OMG!!! Cool!!!!

* Today*

Jackqie : ( while studying for CPM finals) You guys, Uh... Daren and I are together.....

Denise and everyone : What?! When?! Now only You tell lahh... We verygood friends that now

only...OMG! Congrats! serious?! Ooohh! ( everyone was speaking at the same time)

Yeah... and I get blamed for 'cursing' them with boy problems and the result of them getting boyfriends...hhmm....

So Beh, watch out! You're next in line!! ;P

3 papers down, 2 more to go!