Saturday, October 25, 2008


When a head ache hits, there's no turning back. That terrible pain in your head that makes it feel like your skull is being torn apart. Pain so bad you just feel like vomiting and crapping and crying at the same time... then being stuck in the jam for an hour plus, means the car starts, stops,starts stops, starts, that's the time you wish you were never born... begging God to please just make it go away...

Yeah.. that was yesterday... it started in the morn when i just felt abnormally lethargic... I struggled to keep myself up in class, then when class was finally over, I had to wait for Shaneil to finish his paper, so I followed Audrey to pyramid where she so sweetly accompanied me til Shaneil met us there.(Thanks Aud...)

By 5 I was just plain dead... my head was throbbing, and my eyes refused to stay open. I had no energy for anything... walking to the car was such a big struggle. Shaneil asked me to take a nap and he'd wake me for Faith Station in 20 minutes. So we parked outside church and I shut my eyes for a quick while.

At 6 he woke me saying Victor told him everyone was there and we had to go up. That's when the migrane hit hard. Everytime I tried to move, my head gave another huge explosion of pain.... by that time I was crying hard... so we had to go home.... sigh...All the way home I was praying so so hard that He'd give me some strength to hold on till I got home. Even Panadol didn't help.

Finally at home I had enough energy to take a quick warm shower, and plop into bed. In bed, I felt so comforted, so loved, and I knew it was God holding me to sleep. Next time I opened my eyes, it was 10.30pm. I finally felt better, and very very hungry. Had a bowl of cereal and went back to sleep. This morning as I opened my eyes, I thanked God for being with me, caring for me and hearing my prayer.

I was reminded of His place in my life His love for me, and how He will never forsake me. Thank you my Lord, my Saviour, my Teacher and my Heavenly Father. I love you.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm proud of Audrey!!

Today, Audrey and I got piercings together. She overcame her pain. Whahahah!

I of course, it was my idea, so I got my own piercing too!!!! no. 6

Shaneil has been giving me a whole list of birthday presents.
1. Extra RAM so now I have 2 Gb, so it's faster and so much less stressful to open big programs :D
2. TGIF dinner- happy food because we were sick and feeling terrible....
3. A slice of chocolate cake I was craving TERRIBLY for
4. Slippers that I so so so LOVE!!!

Man.. am I lucky....Thanks baby! But you gotta stop giving me presents you mad person!! My birthday isn't till 2 weeks from now!! STOP!!

p.s. And all the videos you are able to see on my blog.. even if there are only 2 is all thanks to Shaneil who taught me how to downsize my videos so that it can upload faster!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


'It's October already? Oh my....'
Yeah.. that's mad my workload and just about every Uni SA Communications Graduate would has... It's just non-stop! *Ahchoo!* *sniffle, sniffle*

Oh yeah... and then there's the flu mania where just about every other person is getting....Sore throat, fever, runny nose, forever feeling like the room is spinning....this is the time when you need sleep sleep and more sleep. Like my mom said, It's your body's way of telling you
"Hey! I don't have enough rest!!! I NEED REST!!!"
And this is when we have to reply
"you wish...maybe after assignments are over... which is.. uh.... just about never...."
Then your body goes
"FINE! then I'll just get worse!"
And you say
"Bring it on!"
And that's the biggest mistake you could ever make.... because you end up talking about your body like I am....
It all started with Daren. He was sick, then I got sick, then Shaneil got sick, then Jackqie, then now Audrey. Who's next?


Don't go to Taylor's. The Media hub decides to close for Carpet cleaning during the most crucial time of your life! when you need to print your 50% assignment, then just as you think it couldn't get worse, the nest time you need to hand up your 25% assignment, the printer runs out of ink and the Media Hub decides to close at 3 instead of 5. Bullocks!
Then there's the issue of... one camera, one mic, a mic stand instead of a proper boompole, no dolly or tracks to move the camera, not even a make-shift trolly to move it, one camcorder for capturing, and this is for 70++ students who need to film 13 shots each, and 2 weeks. Booking the camera was a B***h, and it was like running the amazing race. Siapa yang book dulu, dia yang dapat dulu. What the!!!!!!! We pay friggin 13 K per sem for this S**T!! Stingy bastards.

On a lighter note, I have graduated. I am officially a Diploma holder. The graduation was just before the day of our 50% assignment due date. And on Karen's birthday.

My family came all the way from Johor to attend this ceremony, then on the same day drove all the way home. That's 6 hours of driving. Man I am so loved! Thanks mom, dad and Mei and Shaneil for all the unconditional support and love. I love you!

Speaking of birthdays, I had to miss Jacqkie's and Calyn's surprise birthday's bacause I was home in Kluang for holiday and getting my retainers done :( ... yes, I have an appliance in my mouth that is giving me a lot of pain and as Jackqie said "You know honestly De, you sound like a retard. But I understand." -.-
My sis baked a cake for her friend's birthday AND hand-drew the card ok! she's one talented girl and I am super duper proud of her :D

However, I did manage to celebrate Rachel, Karen and Sweei's birthday!

Rchel's 21st barbeque party at her house.
The birthday girl a lil high... hahah! Look at her get at her meat!
And we played twister...
and got into some seriously funky positions!


In case you can't hear, she had 5 special 'tang yuens' 1. Kaya ball, 2. Sausage ball, 3. the 'penis' shaped tang yuen, 4. normal ball, 5. Cheezels ball.

Then there was Swee Wei and Karen's birthday surprise in Subway. Hahahh! We planned with Karen to surprise Sweei but when we were singing the birthday song, we sang it to Karen surprising her instead!! Hahaha! she thought we for got her... anyway, then poor Sweei was tergantung there..hahah! sorry Sweei... but we brought out her cake and sang to her too.
The Double Surprise.
Birthday girl 1-Karen
Birthday girl 2- Swee Wei Cake in the face #1
Cake in the face #2"Revenge is mine!" she said. But it ended with Karen knocking her head onto the wal.. oops...
Oh my... so many birthdays!


So we learned how to do html coding in school today and it was so cool!!! tedious, but COOL!!