Thursday, March 6, 2008


So i guess shaving eyebrows....
dont make a difference.... thus i have made a redundant choice of invesment?
oh well... it's better than plucking... too much work and pain.
Get the message?
It's still ok i guess.. since it did achieve what it was bought to do... not exactly or perfectly.. but still...gotta give it a chance right? ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

:) you get it or you dont.


*push hard* URGH!!! MOVE!! BREAK!!! *Push harder*


*push hard* URGH!!! MOVE!! BREAK!!! *Push harder*

phew...*wipes off sweat* sigh ... It just wont budge....

*throws stones* Break already!

*walks away* i guess i'll just have to try next time...


Happy 2nd birthday dearest Nicholas!!

And I miss this dude!!!

I really miss this dude!!!

And I really love this dude.... like.. a lot... a lot a lot a lot....

cos he brings color into my life.. :) ;P he's MINE!! wuahahahah!