Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The return of internet!!!

Oh my gosh!! it's not till today that i realise how addicted i am to the internet.. sheesh.. i couldnt use the internet for 2 days, got fed up, called tmnet all monday morn and all the agents were ENGAGED!! aargh!! sheesh! finally at 2+ i managed to 'file my complaint'. She asaked me to wait 2 working days!! i was like.... oh man!!

But finally today, as i was driving out to lunch, i saw the tmnet ppl fixing the line!! wohoo!!! finally!! ahaha!

ok.. enuf of tht.. i learnt something interesting recently in my youth fellowship. they are doing the 'house series' or something like that. It just so happened that afternoon jit, my youth advisor was talking about the bathroom...wow.. that message really hit the nail on the head quite a lot of times.
there were three main elements..

wipe-away the bitterness in ur life. realise what grudes u hold, n wipe it out of ur life.
wash-it away. if the bitterness is like a tough stain, wash and scrub it off.
flush- after washing, flush it down permenantly and that's that. no more digging it up.

the bible says to fogive your neighbour before the sun sets. It's not the easiest thing to do.. in fact, it's super hard... but hey, it's gotta be done.

Anyways, apart from that, hols are great, though im missing the city life andd the church and the church friends like CRAZZYYYY!!!
Oh dear..one more WHOLE month to go!! Aikz!!

Hmm... guess i'm gonna have to make the best out of this hol! ;P

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Then there was IKEA.....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Haha! these are some random pics of whats going on during these hols...hehe.. :)

I'm sitting in my room,in front of my laptop listening to 'which Backstreet Boy's Gay' trying not to laugh cos im on the phone with my mom, while once in a while gng out to check on my red bean-barli soup that's happily boiling on the stove...got a bit of a phobia frm the previous experience..hehe....

AAAHHH!! the downloads are going so so so slow!!!! and i cant run Paul's hard drive..boo hoo...

Nothing like a hot cuppa green tea to relax...aahhh....what would i do without you tea oh tea..

My Brunch...

the leftover's from last night's tang yuen-csi-fellowship in Flora's after my whole crazy day of shopping and wakling in Bangsar..

My freshly washed and hung clothes..

He's home!! My housemate is finally home from Setiawan..ahaha! this is what i look for the moment i open my house door to see if he's home or not. :)

My new pretty walking shoes!! i love them..(a lil too tight,but it's pretty, and i dont mind suffering in it.. ;P)

To welcome the over-friendly visitor under my table in my room... Be WARNED!! or die....wuahahahah!!!

Thank you Paul for lending me movies and music to be entertained with..though i havent had time to watch them...It was a sweet gesture. :)

The x-rays of my spine...and the results.. the place i did it...

the price i paid...

They were very organised and efficient... i went in, there was a guy who immediately directed me to the x-ray room the moment i told him what i was there for, then in the x-ray room, i was assigned to a doctor who gave me instructions,took the x-rays very quickly and accurately, then i went to the counter to pay, got the reciept,collected my x-ray pictures and left..good eh....

i now have to wear flats due to my back problem, so for formal wear....tadaa!! vincci...RM 49.90

This happened like.. halfway through the exam week!! I kinda stepped on it by accident...walao..i was studying ith my lopsided glasses..aiks.. but i got it fixed on thursday night in A-Look in like..20 mins.. excellent service too! Haha!

Philharmonic!! beautiful music, wonderful company..thanks flora for inviting me, thanks Jenny,Danny and Grace for the wonderful companionship and fun!!

An seng and friends!! haha!

SHOPPING!!!!! Jalan Telawi 2 in Bangsar is shopping Heaven!! beautiful clothes with reasonable prices ALL ALONG THE STREETS!!!! wohoo!! RM 250+ of clothes in there... bout 6 pieces...whoa...good buy le...wahahah! AND!! i took public transport!! ahaha! who said i cant do it.. :P took KTM, LRT, and taxi there and back.. plus walked home from col at 7.50 pm..praying hard, but still!! ahahah! i can be independant!!

Tmr's plan is dim sum breakfast,IKEA, and fetch a girl from kk at 12.45...yeah!!

Thursday has nothing on so far, but there is a possibility daddy might take me out for dinner because he's up!! or if he gives the ok, will go clubbing with jac, carol, swei, audrey...my most trusted and loved classmates and friends!!

Friday is therapy with daddy and then we head back to Kluang, Johor...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My precious....

I'ts the 12th of May, and according to my computer's time, it is 10.27 am. I am sitting in my church lounge blogging. Yes.. I am FREE!!! free from assignments, free from college, free from sleepless stressful nights of studying, free from notoriously long classes, free from kiasu-ness, free from the hassle of campus life...

Yes, i have graduated...graduated from semester 3 that is.. it officially ended with the collection of my last exam paper yesterday. woohoo!
Finally, my well deserved 2 month holiday!!!

Yes, 2 months is a looonnggg time...but u'll appreciate as much if u were in my position... you see, this long 5 month semester was indescibably turbulant and horribly difficult!! the amount of tears i shed for the project..for assignments.. the amount of coffee i consumed to keep me awake for many many nights of no sleep... I do not function well without sleep...thus comes the strained relationships and stupid decisions...hurting myself, getting drunk..mixing with the wrong crowd...my spiritual life in a mess..yes, i was a mess.. but that's over....

yes..my life was a mess

comfort food

the project...finally after all the sleepless nites and hard work and conflicts..

Jac babe.. this is just for u! :)

one of the many sleepless nites..the nite before the event..

it's called self abuse... stupid rite?

I have learnt more lessons within these 5 months itself compared to my 19 years of life on this earth.. ok ok.. maybe thats exhaggerating, but u get the picture right? :)

ok.. back to the main point... yes.. my 2 month holiday is most deserving because... after this holiday, i will have NO MORE HOLIDAYS till i graduate in May 2008. yes!!! 10 whole months straight without break!! aaahhhh!! insanity!! it's semester 4 from mid july-november, immediately after finals in november, 9 weeks of internship, followed by an immediate commencement of the final semester. like...whoa...hold it up there...my lecturer said the maximum break we'll get is 1 week.. 1 week!! 10 months of slaving and slogging, 1 week of hols! that's barely fair! in fact, not fair at all!

i thought this semester's project was hard...it's puny compared to the 2 big BIG projects semester 4 and 5 will bring...May the Lord have mercy on me....

so, this is my precious precious 2 months... i will treasure it so much....mine!! no one can take it from me...wahaha! mine....all mine... it's so precious i dont know what to do with it.. ahaha! should i work? or should i just be my sister's and mom's driver, shopping partner and dad's cuddle pillow? and the family's cook,housemaid and home decorator? haha!

Daddy may plan a holiday.... and i hope he does. i want something special..ahaha!
My precious...precious holiday.....

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

two years means two years...

a year ago i made a promise that i would not enter a realationship till i finished my diploma. i have swayed away from that promise for a while, but after thought and lots of prayer and the sudden hit of realisation, i am back on track.

i will mute all emotions till that last day of college comes. no less.

I promised God, my family and myself, and i intend to keep it. i know that any relationship i have before the time of the promise will be unsuccessful and not blessed and in vain. A promise is a promise. My promises are kept.

i need to learn to take care of myself before i step into a whole new world of relationships...

i need a friend who'll be my best friend without motive..i want a sincere, mature, strong, best-friendish, understanding, firm, stable relationship before taking to the next level... i want to be in a relationship that i can feel confident of,that makes me feel like i can be myself, and not have to change my culture for my partner..that i dont have to simplify my english for and that can make me feel challenged and feel that he's smarter and wiser than me...that can enjoy what i do....that i can look up to(literally.. much taller than me..)that can love me, be a strong pillar for me, that can love me with everything he has and want to protect me.. who loves God more than anything in the world and who can be the wise leader of people and my family..who uderstands my calling...who'll know just the right time to hug me and just the right jokes to make me smile.. who'll wipe away my tears and tell me it's all right..who'll cherish sweet memories of our sweetest moments..who's romantic and a sportsman.. big broad drooly shoulders.. that makes me feel less fat..haha! who im not afraid to bring home to my family..

Dont we all.. :)
God knows what i want, and He'll answer my prayers..He knows whats best for me..