Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monash Music Festival follow up

Guys, If you missed this, you should find a wall, and bang your head on it repeatedly. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were awesome goodie bags, the FOOD was great, GAMES were entertaining, the FLEA MARKET was superb, and the PERFORMANCES were MIND BLOWING!!!!!!

Despite the blazing heat of the sun, people still flooded in. Laughter and happy chatter were heard from beggining to end. 

The cheering and enthusiastic jumping and dancing just drew more and more people into the crowed during the battle of the bands and performances. These talents held nothing back, feeding their audience with nothing but the best.

For those who decided they'd rather be somewhere else or do something else instead of attending the festival, my sympathy goes out to you. You missed what could be the best festival EVER!

Monday, April 27, 2009


It's so nice having a boyfriend... He makes you honey lemon when you're sick and holds you close to him till you fall asleep... I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU SHANEIL RAMON DEVASER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yup....it's was painfully scarily awkward.......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monash Music Festival


How can you miss an event as exciting as this?! Come guys! Crossing Boundaries will be playing! There will be games, performances, food and FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date : 25th April 2009
Venue: Monash University, Sunway Carpark
Time : 12pm-12am

Jump, scream and dance along to your very own mini Sunburst for Only RM 15! (To purchase tickets, click here)

Bands for the day will be :
.Love Me Butch
.Seven Collar T-Shirt
.Ben's B*tches
.Diplomats of Drum
.Prema Yin
.Bus Company
.Beat the System
.Bedroom Sanctuary
.Jin Hackman

-Monash Bands-
. CROSSING BOUNDARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
. Anti-Thesis
. Freeloaders

If you're still not convinced, take a look at THIS
Also, do keep yourself updated HERE


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Here's the deal. My lips are very sensitive. Any slight switch of lip balms or lip products sets off a big allergy. My lips get dry and itchy, then start peeling and since it's peeling and I start to peel it, thus causing it to be raw and VERY painful. 

Strangely, only the lip balms from Body Shop work. Unfortunately, the balms come in a little tub like container, and thus I have to use my finger to apply it on my lips, and it's quite inconvenient when you don't have clean fingers to apply it with. 

Thus, I set out to look for a chap stick instead. For convenience sake that is. First, I tried this...

It was cheap and so I bought it. BIG MISTAKE. It made allergies worse. So I went to Body Shop in Mid Valley to try to look for a chap stick version of the lip balm. 

I saw this one, but it cost RM38.90, which was kinda beyond my budget. However, it was for a good cause. It's to ais in the 'Stop Violence at Home' Campaign. The idea is that you will give it to your friend or share it with a friend and by doing that, you kill two birds with one stone. Awareness is created and you get to use the product.

I also saw this. RM 19. But I was scared that the butter in the thing might cause further damage. So I decided not to. 

Next, I looked at the Skin Foods one. RM 23.90. Yup. I just walked outta there withought a second thought.

As Shaneil and I waked into The Face Shop, he got a call, and so he left me to look. By this time, my lips were burning and I was in a lot of pain. So as the salesgirl showed me the stick, I bought it. RM 19.90. But as soon as I opened it, it was pink! Oh No! But I had to put it on anyway. 

Shaneil took one look at me and laughed his arse off. To my horror, he told me it was neon pink! Dammit! Neon pink?! 

So today Shaneil and I set off to Pyramid after church, we headed straight to Body Shop, and there was so much more choice! There was this, which contained no butter,

And this Aloe Vera one which was lip repairing, and targeted to people with very sensitive skin. The vitamin E one was RM 19.90, while the Aloe Vera was RM 32. 

I decided to go with the repair. AND IT WORKS!

So now Shaneil and I have this theory. I am allergic to vaseline/ petroleum jelly. I asked the girl what differentiates their products from others, and she told me that they don't use that in their products. 


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ah, he must be joking!

It's never easy to take anyone seriously on April's Fool Day, which is why nobody believed it when we were told our only 8-10 class for the day was cancelled. 

We thought the lecturer was pulling a fast one on us. But after at least half an hour, we realised this was no joke. Slowly, fierce cursing could be heard from all corners of the room. 

What an April's fool I am... Oh well....