Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Chrismas!

Everyone's so hyped up about Christmas! Everywhere you look it's christmas deco here, there and just about everywhere!

We go to Ikea, and as we park, we see foreigners happily getting into their cars with christmas wrapping paper and gifts, there's Christmas deco all around, Christmas themed furniture, Christmas trees, Christmas snacks...Christmas music..wait... the music... that's strange... what music IS that?
OMG ... Malaysia has done it again. Spoilt by the sound of soppy chinese ballads and pop music....

C'mon... I'm not against chinese music... just...Ikea-a sweedish place.. they take so much pain in making it feel and look Sweedish... then there's curry puffs and chinese ballads and pop music...not even chinese christmas songs... pop music and ballads... talk about bad combination.

This just rips off the christmas spirit feel they are trying to give. Like... What the.....? Seriously...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The cutest thing ever!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life is precious

Life is precious. Never EVER take that for granted. Because you could be alive today and dead the next. Treasure your life.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


When a head ache hits, there's no turning back. That terrible pain in your head that makes it feel like your skull is being torn apart. Pain so bad you just feel like vomiting and crapping and crying at the same time... then being stuck in the jam for an hour plus, means the car starts, stops,starts stops, starts, that's the time you wish you were never born... begging God to please just make it go away...

Yeah.. that was yesterday... it started in the morn when i just felt abnormally lethargic... I struggled to keep myself up in class, then when class was finally over, I had to wait for Shaneil to finish his paper, so I followed Audrey to pyramid where she so sweetly accompanied me til Shaneil met us there.(Thanks Aud...)

By 5 I was just plain dead... my head was throbbing, and my eyes refused to stay open. I had no energy for anything... walking to the car was such a big struggle. Shaneil asked me to take a nap and he'd wake me for Faith Station in 20 minutes. So we parked outside church and I shut my eyes for a quick while.

At 6 he woke me saying Victor told him everyone was there and we had to go up. That's when the migrane hit hard. Everytime I tried to move, my head gave another huge explosion of pain.... by that time I was crying hard... so we had to go home.... sigh...All the way home I was praying so so hard that He'd give me some strength to hold on till I got home. Even Panadol didn't help.

Finally at home I had enough energy to take a quick warm shower, and plop into bed. In bed, I felt so comforted, so loved, and I knew it was God holding me to sleep. Next time I opened my eyes, it was 10.30pm. I finally felt better, and very very hungry. Had a bowl of cereal and went back to sleep. This morning as I opened my eyes, I thanked God for being with me, caring for me and hearing my prayer.

I was reminded of His place in my life His love for me, and how He will never forsake me. Thank you my Lord, my Saviour, my Teacher and my Heavenly Father. I love you.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm proud of Audrey!!

Today, Audrey and I got piercings together. She overcame her pain. Whahahah!

I of course, it was my idea, so I got my own piercing too!!!! no. 6

Shaneil has been giving me a whole list of birthday presents.
1. Extra RAM so now I have 2 Gb, so it's faster and so much less stressful to open big programs :D
2. TGIF dinner- happy food because we were sick and feeling terrible....
3. A slice of chocolate cake I was craving TERRIBLY for
4. Slippers that I so so so LOVE!!!

Man.. am I lucky....Thanks baby! But you gotta stop giving me presents you mad person!! My birthday isn't till 2 weeks from now!! STOP!!

p.s. And all the videos you are able to see on my blog.. even if there are only 2 is all thanks to Shaneil who taught me how to downsize my videos so that it can upload faster!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


'It's October already? Oh my....'
Yeah.. that's mad my workload and just about every Uni SA Communications Graduate would has... It's just non-stop! *Ahchoo!* *sniffle, sniffle*

Oh yeah... and then there's the flu mania where just about every other person is getting....Sore throat, fever, runny nose, forever feeling like the room is spinning....this is the time when you need sleep sleep and more sleep. Like my mom said, It's your body's way of telling you
"Hey! I don't have enough rest!!! I NEED REST!!!"
And this is when we have to reply
"you wish...maybe after assignments are over... which is.. uh.... just about never...."
Then your body goes
"FINE! then I'll just get worse!"
And you say
"Bring it on!"
And that's the biggest mistake you could ever make.... because you end up talking about your body like I am....
It all started with Daren. He was sick, then I got sick, then Shaneil got sick, then Jackqie, then now Audrey. Who's next?


Don't go to Taylor's. The Media hub decides to close for Carpet cleaning during the most crucial time of your life! when you need to print your 50% assignment, then just as you think it couldn't get worse, the nest time you need to hand up your 25% assignment, the printer runs out of ink and the Media Hub decides to close at 3 instead of 5. Bullocks!
Then there's the issue of... one camera, one mic, a mic stand instead of a proper boompole, no dolly or tracks to move the camera, not even a make-shift trolly to move it, one camcorder for capturing, and this is for 70++ students who need to film 13 shots each, and 2 weeks. Booking the camera was a B***h, and it was like running the amazing race. Siapa yang book dulu, dia yang dapat dulu. What the!!!!!!! We pay friggin 13 K per sem for this S**T!! Stingy bastards.

On a lighter note, I have graduated. I am officially a Diploma holder. The graduation was just before the day of our 50% assignment due date. And on Karen's birthday.

My family came all the way from Johor to attend this ceremony, then on the same day drove all the way home. That's 6 hours of driving. Man I am so loved! Thanks mom, dad and Mei and Shaneil for all the unconditional support and love. I love you!

Speaking of birthdays, I had to miss Jacqkie's and Calyn's surprise birthday's bacause I was home in Kluang for holiday and getting my retainers done :( ... yes, I have an appliance in my mouth that is giving me a lot of pain and as Jackqie said "You know honestly De, you sound like a retard. But I understand." -.-
My sis baked a cake for her friend's birthday AND hand-drew the card ok! she's one talented girl and I am super duper proud of her :D

However, I did manage to celebrate Rachel, Karen and Sweei's birthday!

Rchel's 21st barbeque party at her house.
The birthday girl a lil high... hahah! Look at her get at her meat!
And we played twister...
and got into some seriously funky positions!


In case you can't hear, she had 5 special 'tang yuens' 1. Kaya ball, 2. Sausage ball, 3. the 'penis' shaped tang yuen, 4. normal ball, 5. Cheezels ball.

Then there was Swee Wei and Karen's birthday surprise in Subway. Hahahh! We planned with Karen to surprise Sweei but when we were singing the birthday song, we sang it to Karen surprising her instead!! Hahaha! she thought we for got her... anyway, then poor Sweei was tergantung there..hahah! sorry Sweei... but we brought out her cake and sang to her too.
The Double Surprise.
Birthday girl 1-Karen
Birthday girl 2- Swee Wei Cake in the face #1
Cake in the face #2"Revenge is mine!" she said. But it ended with Karen knocking her head onto the wal.. oops...
Oh my... so many birthdays!


So we learned how to do html coding in school today and it was so cool!!! tedious, but COOL!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's been a year...

Our anniversary cake all the way from Kluang, Johor.

Thank you mama and papa for bringing it all the way up for us, and coming all the way to Sunway just to send it to me.

Thank you aunt Rose for your wonderful yummy cake, and the beautiful patterns you've creatively and lovingly made on the cake.

It's been a year since Shaneil and I started our relationship. Well, almost. It will be, come 29th September.

Dear Shaneil,

It has been a privilege being Your partner in crime, faith and love. Looking back at the journey we've been through, I don't regret a single thing. You're the sweetest, most patient, and loving person, and I couldn't ask for anyone, or anything else.

You've sacrificed so much for the relationship, even stopped smoking and all so that we could have a future together. I know what a big sacrifice you've made, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've been through my toughest and my happiest times, and he always tries to make me smile even when I throw horrible fits at you, and act irrationally and inappropriately a lot of times. I'm so so sorry for being selfish all those times. I promise I'll try to change.

You've taught me how to take care of myself, toughened me up, but been my support. You help me get and do what I need and not always what others need. You've been my best friend.

Thank you for bringing me to your home and coming home with me. Thank you for being so good with my family. Thank you Thank you Thank you for just everything and anything!!!

I pray we will continue to grow in love and faith, and one day, swear our eternal vows of marrige to each other in the house of the Lord, our heavenly Father.

You compliment me, you complete me. Thank you. I love you.

Your Bum Bum,
Denise (Baby)

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Pregnant!!!

No, not me, just about all the lecturers in my college. I'm not joking...

Tis the season to be pregnant, Fal la la la la, La la la la! All my lecturers are pregnant! like.. seriously... Is it a trend to get pregnant all at once? It's actually kinda cool!

Oh, and selamat berpuasa to all those fasting out there!! :D

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Everyday I find more and more reasons to regret going to Taylor's. First it was missing a week and 45 mins of 'Buyer Consumer Behavior' all the way in Subang campus, then because of that, we couldn't do anything in our tutorials that was packed to the brim of the class. 60 people for tutorial... there are only supposed to be 28 people max.... congratulations Taylor's.*rolls eyes* Stupid College. Then we find out that they fooled us. This degree was supposed to be a 100% assignment based course which means NO EXAMS. But nooo.... we found out that we have to take the exam for 'Buyer and Consumer Behavior' all the way in Taylor's Business School all the way in jammed Subang.

Then the 2nd day, we went into a small tiny classroom for a lecture that the idiot of a school thought would fit 66 people. The first lecture was carried out and due to the big ass pillar right in the middle of the class, all of us behind literally missed half of the lecture because we couldn't see the power point!

The following lectures were just as bad! It's one thing to make the mistake once, it's another to do it another 2 times!! What the! Ish... Then there was the changing of the timetable... sigh... now we have class EVERYDAY!!!!! omg!!! Wednesday and thursday are both pointless 8-10 classes! Who in the world wants to travel all the way to campus amidst the jam and all at 8? for a 2 hour class?! then there are the 8-12, 3-5. means a 3 hour break. Why in the world!!! this happens on Tuesdays and Fridays. Taylor's sucks!!!

I think the only thing redeeming it from total condemnation in my opinion is that the subjects are very interesting and seem quite fun although the workload is heavy. Plus it's exam free.

I'm contemplating transferring over to Monash. I pay about 1000-2000 Ringgit more for better quality. But it's gonna be 2 years unless I get exempted from some subjects from this first Sem in Taylor's, which I doubt I'll get.

Sigh... I'll have to talk to God, Dad and Mom and have to evaluate for myself whether I should transfer or not. Whatever it is, Taylor's is a school you should most definately NOT go to. I feel so cheated.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The first day...

Yesterday's orientation was quite almost exactly as how it was 2 1/2 years ago.... The day started with me excitedly waking up 2 hours before it started, staring at my clothes selection for a long time, deciding on one outfit, then changing my mind, and finally choosing the one hanging behind the door...

It felt wonderful coming to school and greeting old friends all along the way. The enthusiasm didn't last long however once the speeches started. I guess it was boring for us because they were telling us things we already knew(attended the col for 2 1/2 years).

I did however make new friends! Well, technically 2... Nina from Bandung, Indonesia and Rachel from SS3.

I found out my Monday classes had to be done in Taylor's Business School which in my opinion is plain stupid. I pay RM 11 K per sem! Hire a lecturer for that subject in this campus, or ask the lecturer to come to us! It's ridiculous that the whole batch has to travel over and do they provide the trasport? NO! Ish... The even more ridiculous fact is that classes for this subject has already started a WEEK ago! We missed a week just because both Taylor's institutions didn't arrange schedules and details properly. Absolute RUBBISH! The lecturer was like ' It's not our fault and not their fault that this is happening. No one knew of each other's schedule.' -.-"""
Wow... how ironic....

Anyway, it wasn't all that bad. Shaneil joined us for lunch and the 2nd half of the day and won a Taylor's goodie bag! Hahahah! Ms Gayatri gave us a very enjoyable hoour before we went home. Plus Audrey drew me a Sailormoon picture!!! She is one talented girl! she did it within 5 minutes!!!

I walked home!!! after sooooooooooo long, I actually walked from my col to Subangville! By the time I got back, i took a quick shower and plonked into bed, then didn't wake till 8.30!! Oh my.....
Anyways, today was supposed to be some talks about success and all, but I've heard that talk at least twice in Taylor's col already. Once during orientation 2 1/2 years ago, and another time within the 2 1/2 years. So I didn't go! MUAHAHHAHA! Instead i spent my time changing my blogger skin and updating my blog! :D

Bah. Now that this is done, I'm off to play diner Dash! Bye!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No money lah...

I hate hearing this. Ever since I came to KL that's all I've been hearing. No money lah..
It's such a kill-joy. Why can't people just say, 'Can we work on a low budget?' or 'I'd prefer something or somewhere cheaper', or just 'It's a bit unnecessarily expensive don't you think?'.

It wouldn't be so bad if it is wasn't these very people who spend on unnecessary things, and then complain that they are broke. If you have a certain amount, then spend it within your limit.

Why spend hundreds on shopping, clubbing, drinking, etc. if you don't have the money? Then they are the ones who suggest going to such expensive places, doing such expensive things. You get all excited, and plan for it, then it comes up.. "No money lah"

Then there's the irritating habit of people not paying up their part, or pretending they don't owe the person whom they owe money anything. Ok, if it's sincerely forgotten, then ok, but if it's intentional, oh boy, how low you are....It's cruel and wrong. Can't you see it's unethical and just ruins not only your reputation, but also your relationships?

I'm so tired of people doing that to me ALL MY LIFE. Since I came back to Malaysia, I have been cheated over and over again. Just because I care for people. So what should I do? Stop caring? Sigh.... I just can't... but I have my limits.... I will break one day.

It's different if the person was saying it jokingly or for teasing purposes. That's still alright.

I am not exempted from this, as I do spend unnecessarily and extravagantly a lot of times leaving myself with very little money. But do you ever hear me say "No money lah" Oh for goodness sakes, just spend less on things for the rest of the month and It'll be ok lah... Ish....

Here's a tip from my mom : Spend Wisely, and Do to Other's What you Would Want Them to Do to You.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yes, I miss school...

School's taking too long to start!!!!!!!!!! I've had too long a holiday....
I actually miss school! And I'm very excited about starting school again.. weird huh...
AAH!!! Hurry 28th! hurry!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The next step

And so it will begin. 28th July 2008. Bachelor of Communications. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm happy...

Good food,good laugh, good company. What more do I ask for? Aah.. I love dates.


Question: What is the secret to being loved?

Answer : Just LOVE.

Love genuinely, love humbly, love trustingly, and love thoughtfully.

Just LOVE.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Malaysia, Oh Tanah AirKu

McD's Banana Toffee Sundae. Notice the similarity to the display picture? I don't.

Wendy's New Shrimp Burger. Find the shrimp!

Cows on the Highway.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

!@#$%^&* Taylor's SUCKS ASS!!!!! They blocked me outta my own student portal!!!! !@#$$%^&&&*!!!!!!!! *Sob*

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I fell lost, dumb, and pushed around in a pool of confusion...but yet I know what I want...

So I want to teach.... I want to teach and help disabled children if possible... I don't like adults! I love children!
Sigh.... So yeah, I'm not the smartest deepest, or most cunning, I'm naive and plain.... but I love children, and I'd love to be a part of their lives.. part of their development....I love how even though they stress you up so much sometimes, their innocent smiles just suddenly make it all disappear...I want the child to feel like there's still someone who cares even though their mom and dads are too busy to raise them...I want to help them build proper foundations where their parents lack the time and effort to embed in their precious minds....I want to extend my love and effort to those worth extending it to...
I may not be the teacher with the best academic results, but I know I can be the teacher who gives love generously, who'd pass on generations of good ethical and moral teachings to them, who'd love them and nurture them just as i would my own children....

The time will come when it comes.... for now, Bachelor in Communications(Media Management) it is then.....

My life is not my own to live. Someone greater has bigger plans for me...but He hears my cry, he sees my passion. He will provide when the time comes. Till then, Communications it is.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I have officially finished my 2 1/2 years! I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I feel estatic? exhilarated? of course I do. but along with it comes worry of where to continue and where to work for the next 3 months.

I'm going on a family holiday! Then I'm going back to KK for a week with Shaneil! My parents ROCK!!!

I met the Rushworths in St Mary's last Sunday!! And we're invited to their house for lunch next Sunday after service wohoo!!!! Shaneil, Tristan and I. St. Mary's rocks! Even though it's a small church with ok music, people are genuinely nice and genuinely accept you, plus culture is not an issue and the Pastor is just as knowledgeable as Ps Khee Vun! And you dont have to go through a ridiculous long quite pointless probation period to serve. If you're there, and you're willing to and can provide your services, well, go ahead! I feel comfortable there. It's something familiar.

Next Sunday is Mother's Day!!! Tristan will be going back to Ipoh. :( We'll miss him!

Finally my salary will be banked in soon I hope.. *crosses fingers*

I am relieved, yet worried and angry and tired and quite confused. I need help....I think....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

To be or not to be....

Monash or UniSA? Monash? UniSA? Monash? UniSA?
Which to choose!!!
Where to go??!!
What to do???!!!

Monash = Better quality, More towards what I want to head for, more expensive, More work, More stress, More theoretical, Have to take midsem and Final papaers, Better facilities, Something different, 2 years....

UniSA = Dad's more for it, 1 1/2 years, easier to transfer credits, 10% continuing student discount, cheaper, 100% coursework, geared towards working in the corporate world, same friends, same classes, same lecturers, familiar with lecturer's preferences in work, stupid facilities, closer to where I stay.

A lot of me wants to go to Monash... but I'm scared I cant cope, what more excel.... What if in the end, though i may not like being geared towards the corporate world, i'm still better at it than something theoretical? I've after all never been a theoretical person...

Oh God please help me!!!

Happy 20th!!

Happy 20th Birthday my lover, best friend and my partner, My Shaneil Ramon Devaser.
Hope you enjoyed the surprise! ;P :*

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The end and the beginning...

Two more weeks and i'll be sitting on those green plastic chairs, at a see-through-the-back drawered table, praying hard, waiting to be instructed to open my question paper and begin.

Two and a half years gone in two weeks....three to be exact...

Two weeks... TWO WEEKS!!!

Sigh... how i wish those weeks would pass slower... and yet race by faster...

What will I do after that? Do what my heart calls me to do? My duty? My calling? My burden?
Or do I take the safer option? Choose the job that will earn my living? Oh my oh my...

Times passing too fast!! oh gosh....

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So i guess shaving eyebrows....
dont make a difference.... thus i have made a redundant choice of invesment?
oh well... it's better than plucking... too much work and pain.
Get the message?
It's still ok i guess.. since it did achieve what it was bought to do... not exactly or perfectly.. but still...gotta give it a chance right? ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

:) you get it or you dont.


*push hard* URGH!!! MOVE!! BREAK!!! *Push harder*


*push hard* URGH!!! MOVE!! BREAK!!! *Push harder*

phew...*wipes off sweat* sigh ... It just wont budge....

*throws stones* Break already!

*walks away* i guess i'll just have to try next time...


Happy 2nd birthday dearest Nicholas!!

And I miss this dude!!!

I really miss this dude!!!

And I really love this dude.... like.. a lot... a lot a lot a lot....

cos he brings color into my life.. :) ;P he's MINE!! wuahahahah!