Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Love, Joy, Strength..

Love, Joy, Strength.. i found all these over the emotional weekend. Through my pain and unstability, through my uncertainties, and through the fear and counselling. I have chosen to overcome and grow from this.

Thank you Lord for the reminder, for the love and the lesson.

Joyful. :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Cell Group, my Family.

Lesson of the day :-

My cell group is my family. They are the ones who nurtured me, helped me, comforted me, supported me, loved me and cared for me when I needed it. No doubt there are imperfections and conflicts. Everyone is different. No family is perfect. There isnt even a definite definition for perfect. Each person has their own perception and view of a perfect and happy family.

I have made a chioce to stick up for this family, and care, love, support and cherish my family. So, with the exeptions of constructive comments of my family, please withold all other depressing and hurtful words. They dont help anyone, neither are they very nice.

Confrontation is good with the right intentions. But if you choose to badmouth my family, please come up with a proper and true fact to back up that comment, and try understand situations and my family better before judging them. It's very immature and low.

I have finally made this stand, and I will stand firm. My dearest cell members, even though we are so different, and though we dont understand easch other sumtimes, I will love and appreciate you guys and try help make our family a happy one, and grow strong together in the Lord.

Love ya guys!


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Irrisitable desserts...