Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wanna run a marathon?

Come run it with me!

Haha! Yesterday was technically my first day back to school since there was no class on monday. My first class was at 8am. All excited the night before, I set my alarm for 6.30 am thinking, I definately wont snooze since I'll be up and about with excitement. Yeah right.

The next morning, the alarm rang at 6.30am, but my hand automatically reached out and snoozed it till at 7.10 I jumped up in panic, and quickly ran around the room getting ready. My mind was rushing me, but my body decided that it would work extra slow that day. So by the time I was ready it was 7.45am. Oh no! From PJ to Sunway, there would be a massive jam on the federal! Even taking the NPE was out of the question since it would be jammed closer to school.

So what to do? We drove down to PJ Old Town, where the Kg Dato Harun Station was. &.56am! But to get to the station, you need to walk in using a 5 minute short cut. So I fast walked in, and crossed the bridge just in time as the train arrived, hopped in, and realized, oh no! I don't know which stop to stop at. 

I tried calling Lydia, but connection was very bad. So I just looked out the window to see what looked familiar. AHA! there it is! 2 stops from Dato Harun. I got off, and ran all the way from the station at the back of my school to the front where my class was. 

I reached class at 8.07am. Whew! Only to find that the lecturer wasn't there... he came in at 8.20.... I was super exasperated! But in the end the day was quite enjoyable I'd have to say. :)

At night, I watched 7 pounds. It's a very good movie actually.  :)

Tonight I'm going to Jason Miraz's concert!!!!!!!!! And so is someone I'm not exactly too fond of bumping into.... Yikes.. but I'm still going to a concert!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I miss Audrey...We all had our random moments of turning to each other and asking "Where's....oh...."(Where's Audrey? but we realised she's in Aussie). Sigh.