Saturday, July 28, 2007

how can anyone not love fridays!!!!

Yes, it was a wonderful friday yesterday. Finally the i got to feel like I wasnt alone in wanting my campus fellowship to grow. Suddenly, everyone was throwing out ideas, and i realised that indeed, they too had the same heart as mine. it was so so super comforting. They were passionate about making a difference to our CF....voluteering to bring guitars, to share a msg every week, to rush to CF even though they have class, to stay back and wait just for CF... to Natalie, Jacqkie, Jay, James, Jeff, Thomas...Thank You guys.... i hope that we will indeed be able to make this CF a success...

As for Friday night... yeah babeh, yeah!!! It was F-U-N!!! the 1st time in my life i volunteerily went onto the dance floor....yes.. my dancing sucks...but hey.. haha! at least i can say i did it... hahahah!

The gals coming over to my place to get ready for the party was super fun too!! hahahah!

check it out..

the girls came over to my place to get ready..

started with Maki...

no, i dont know how i do it, i just do, then i cant repeat the same thing again.. weird huh...

audrey's hair was easy to work with..smooth and thick..

Swei's I enjoyed the most! simple and elegant, yet fun...


calyn!! haha! she was beautiful!! she's always beautiful! but tonight.. hahah! she looked so different!


all of us..

we started taking pictures after getting ready..


Kerry and Swei at the partay..

the sweetest couple!!! Danniel and Swei..

Kerry and I..

ker, chand, aina, euan,alvin, justin and gang representing MnDC.. they were goood..


paul came too!

our attempt to use self timer..hahah!

all of us after dancing!! whew.. we were SWEATY!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

True test of giving your best.

Today was one of the most dissappointing days i've experienced. Apart from my galsses falling and breaking AGAIN,I missed the bus, had to walk home in the rain and mud,on a very messy road, printed my notes wrongly, and wasted dunno how much of my print quota ( i just reloaded lagi :( ) a series of unfortunate events happened throughout the day too... man! I'm feeling down..

It is times like these that I seek the Lord for stength, and i recalled a devotion piece i read recently about giving your best in whatever you do.. In 1st Chronicles 22, David prepares only the best material to build a temple that was exceedingly magnificent. He found and gave only the best there was to God....

When we're happy, it's so easy to Give God your best.. but in times of difficulty and pain and discomfort, can we still mantain the same standard of our best for God?? That's when the true test of giving your best comes in.

Lord, I pray that You will help me to give You my best and only my best in everything I do for You, be it in times of joy or sorrow, pain or suffering. Amen.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Sick to the stomach...

ooh....not a nice feeling.. not at all... last night, i experienced 1st-day-of-school-sickness...hahahahha! funny thing to get considering i never experienced this in my entire 18++ years of life...

i was scared of failing... of falling..of dissapointing people again.. of dissappointing myself..
i was scared i wouldnt wake up on time.. i was scared i was unprepared...i was scared i would miss the bus ( i took the wrong one instead...hahah!)

3 hours of my last night of hols were spent praying so hard.

In the end, today ended up great even though it wasnt exactly perfect...

Thank you, Lord for this wonderful start. Be with me and keep me strong. Thank you for my family, both spiritual and blood bound that encourage me and bless me. May You bless their lives. Amen.