Monday, December 31, 2007

5 days 13 hours 12 minutes to go... the truth before a new year starts..

So what happens when your heart is screaming in pain.. when you feel all your dreams are mocking you, when somehow, mad things you used to do with your friends all come with an attachment of " I have a bad feeling about this", When you feel even God is laughing at you, saying "See, break your promise. Very good. Now let me torture you." When you wake and feel empty, when everything you do seems to be monotonous and dull.. when food is no longer appetizing... when the one you love seems like a memory.. nothing but just a memory... when all you feel is... numbness...

Yes. It has been a horrible month and a week of emptiness since Shaneil left, with the exception of the few days spent with the family in KK.

I hate Long Distance Relationships. They tear you apart, crushes you, makes you feel sick, lonely and miserable.... and yet you have to smile. Smile. Smile. Smile to pass, smile to not kill other's moods, smile so others don't to try and convince yourself you're ok.

So what happens now? What's next? What happened? A part of her died at a certain point..when she decided to be strong, when she decided to be independent, when she decided to move on... but yet something kept prompting her not to harden or rebuild the barrier her lover had almost succeeded in breaking..

Every time she heard his voice she softened, gave in...but never really totally.. she wonders how she'll feel when he's finally physically next to her.. he already feels like a familiar's so strange... but yet not at all.

She has been, and is confused, overemotional and just lost.

I'm just me...

I'm not that strong....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

KK part 2.

Hehe... it's fixed.. :D So here's KK part 2.

Jon performing at the Youth Christmas Party.

Hirai !!!!

The Chhoa girls + a little monkey at the corner. :P From left-Rachael,Me,Melissa,Candice, Hannah on the left and Jemimah. Plus little monkey Kaalos.

The Chhoa boys. from left- Ian,Aaron,Ivan,Josiah,Andrew and Kaalos sitting on Ivan.

Candice and I. sisters who look like we're from different ends of the world.


OK. i so dont know what i have done to my blog... so until Shaneil comes home and helps me fix this, the rest of the christmas pictures are on hold... 7 days 6 hours 2 minutes. sorry!


Mom and Grandma (mom's mom)

Candice and Grandma. We were playing scrabble.. a sort of tradition... :D

Kamkuat or sth like tht.. weird fruit.. :)

Grandma's cooking!! Home cooked food. always the best!

Performance by ASC youth at Gaya street..

Jemimah's birthday dinner

The Chhoa cousins..

The in-laws

The Chhoa Brothers

Po Po! (dad's mom)

Christmas in KK was superbly fun!!! Spending Christmas with family always gives me unspeakable joy. This time, the WHOLE Chhoa clan came back. Thank you Lord for the 5 day holiday and one day leave.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Essence Christmas Party in La Bodega Lounge

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Arabian Night.. the Wincor Event

Manpreet, Loshini, Luke the drummer, me and Swei

Manpreet head of events, and Felix the MD

The Essence team that night... Me, Swei, Shenli, Felix,Manpreet, Loshini, Kerry and Esther in the front with the white dress...

Loshini with Phua Chu Kang

Manpreet and the MC-Stephnie

All of us with the band CRUSH. They were AWESOME!!!!!! The guitarist was so so so super good... He's the second on the extreme right...sigh.. unfortunately, i only remember Cliff's name..te lead singer with the Amazing Vocal range! why? I dont really know..the extreme right one is the Bassist and Music Director.. Luke the Drummer was yeah..

We took another one this time with the manager.. the bald guy in between Manpreet and I...

They ROCK!!!!

Not much time to blog, so enjoy the pics..


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Missing Shaneil Syndrome...

Yeah.... and I cut my hair too!